Lyft Pride 2019


             When you count up all the ways to be you, and you look at the limited choices of boxes to tick on most forms, the answer was, simply, “Two is Too Few.” And we blew this party out.

We wanted to be sensitive to rainbow washing, so we showed up different, reflected the beautiful blend of the queer identity and continued the concept of less boundaries and boxes.

We built floats with a holographic shimmer and a dichroic finish (look it up - because, the more you know). We worked with non-binary photographer Alex Kacha to glamorize, and normalize, those who normally don’t get the spotlight. Printed off zines with art and words from queer leaders including Alok Vaid-Menon. And we partnered with our in-house UX/IX teams to provide pronoun choices in the Lyft app. Finally, we partnered with Sasha Velour for an unforgettable, kickass drag event. EPIC!

Our campaign on a Webby for best celebrity partnership.