Lyft Motion Guidelines

            Lyft underwent a brand refresh and I lead the animation portion of our refreshed brand guidelines. The focus was scalibity and speed. I designed and animated layouts, lock ups, button treatments, type animation presets, transitions, templates in both After Effects and Premiere, logo animations, and written documentation to help Lyft content creators get moving quickly.

No one ever talks about the butt visible in the logo. Once you see the booty jiggle, you cannot unsee it. (Final logo animation)

    Type presets were developed. The animations were inspired the movement of ridesharing. They needed to evoke the quirky, playful personality of Lyft while remaining simple and read quickly.

Button Animation Treatments

All templates came in 16x9, 9x16 and 1x1 formats optimized for social. Pieces were easily updated and edited with other content to help fascilitate production.